Who Am I????

Who Am I????

Why is this such a hard question to answer. When crafting text for my blog, instagram, Facebook, all of the seasoned advice highlights the need to brand as a way to connect. I've never lived within the bounds of lets say normal so I find it incredibly difficult to be anything short of authentic. I am blunt. I am kind. I am a mama. I am me. I am. I am. I am. 

But short of who I am as a person I find as an artist I am another. Yet now these two people collide as I find myself searching within myself. As an artist mama everything changes. The balance needs to be re-set. The definition once confined is blurred and sometimes I'm not sure where one begins and the other ends leading me to the conclusion that they no longer do. 

So here I am again, reaching into the vast and ever expanding universe to find my place. 

Yet I know what I want to be moving forward. I want to be authentic. There was a time when I worked so hard within my craft to find a balance between art and product. Most successful artists must retain this balance in an effort to gain financial rewards. At the time this made sense and I found a lot of success within the symbiotic nature of these two relationships. 

Yet at 41 I find myself stomping my feet and screaming inside. I want to craft the beautiful images in my head. I want to bring together torch and solder, gemstones and punches, texture and patinas to emulate the images I see before surrendering to sleep. 

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