Delias Thompson

Life is constantly evolving and with all of the changes the last few years I have found myself in unfamiliar territory. 

I am still an artist because this is a truth of self. It is not a choice, it just is. I began walking this path with crooked footprints and a million missteps. So many refuse to believe that I was a terrible metalsmith for years. The process of learning to use a torch and solder, hammer and punch was painful and left me mired in self-doubt but also a burning desire to learn the skill through repetition as opposed to pure talent. 

This is my gift to all those in search of their inner artistic spirit, you will achieve all you desire if you first choose never to give up! 

Lucky enough to be saved by a single artist who continues to inspire me with her strength and talent, Helen Blythe-Hart, Master Goldsmith, took me under her wing and gave me eyes to see. Under her guidance I found my voice and I continue to hold the voice of an artist more sacred than any other skill one can achieve. 

I feel now it is best to say I've been there and back again. I've exhibited at hundreds of shows, I've wholesaled to countless retail locations, I've been successful and I've lost artistic ground but this leaves endless possibilities as I move forward. How many times have we wondered how we would do it if we could start from the beginning? 

Moving to Asheville, North Carolina and having my most amazing and beautiful little girl has given me a blank sheet. A beautiful sketch pad waiting to be filled and allowing me this most precious gift, to define myself as an artist, a mama, a believer, a collector or words and beautiful things, all the pieces of me both good and challenging.... Let's see what I will discover next. 

But as always, one truth remains. Just be. Be  you in all the many shades of you and love yourself, forgive yourself, challenge yourself, inspire yourself, be true.